Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Spotlight on Jubilee


Every so often, we get a dog or puppy in care who has special needs. These dogs often get passed up even though they are wonderful individuals that would make fantastic pets! Jubilee is one of our very special dogs who is looking for the perfect furever home.

About Jubilee

Jubilee is a very lovely puppy! She loves to chase her brothers and sisters around the yard and wrestle. Jubilee currently lives with 3 other dogs and 2 cats; she is great with every one of them. She is a little leery of new people and small children; she usually barks and keeps her distance, then approaches them when she feels comfortable.
Jubilee's sunshine bright smile

“Jubee” is an intelligent, inquisitive dog who follows directions well. She is a shy but loyal girl who is eager to find someone to love. She sleeps quietly in her crate at night and is OK spending part of her days in there as well. She also loves playtime and enjoys romping at the dog park or playing fetch.

Jubilee is fully kennel trained, but NOT fully housetrained. She has a condition known as centralized diabetes insipidus, which affects how her body concentrates her urine. Jubilee NEEDS water constantly, she needs to relieve herself constantly, most times without notice. 
She will need attentive owners who ensure she always has water and who can take her outside every few hours and/or provide her an indoor space to pee. Jubilee will need lifelong treatment in the form of eye drops at the cost of $101 every 24 days or $4.21 every day, but she is so worth it!

About Diabetes Insipidus:

Jubilee's DI is easily managed!
Diabetes Insipidus (DI) is also known as “water diabetes” because it’s characterized by an inability to concentrate urine. The main symptoms of DI are excessive drinking and excessive urination.

The only major need of a dog with DI is constant access to water. DI causes dogs to dehydrate very quickly if they are denied water, and a dog can become comatose or even die within 4-6 hours without water, especially in hot conditions.

Dogs with DI also need access to somewhere to go to the bathroom very frequently. Some dogs will only need to go out every few hours (like Jubilee) while others will need hourly breaks. It all depends on the individual! This can mean access to a dog run, or even just pee pads placed on the ground while you’re at work. Dogs with DI can be successfully crated, as long as they have room for a water dish at all times and an area to urinate if they will be left for more than a couple of hours. They will be more likely than other dogs to have accidents in the house, but learning the dog’s habits and needs can prevent this!

The treatment for DI is a bit costly, but very simple and effective. A drug is administered to the dog through eye drops, nasal drops, or sometimes injected under the skin with a very tiny needle. All three methods are effective and easy for any owner to do. Most dogs, including Jubilee, are very good about treatment and become used to the process quickly.

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