Monday, 22 October 2012

Pounds for Parvo-Health and Fitness Challenge

6 Week Challenge - $100.00 minimum donation per person 
The entire goal of the challenge is to help people reach their health and fitness goals in a safe and healthy manner!
How it works:
Once a participant donates their minimum donation of $100.00, they will be invited to join our challenge’s Facebook page. They will also be emailed a launch package.

There will be a series of set rules that everyone will need to follow as part of the challenge:
Eat 3-5 small meals per day.
Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
Get 3-5 sessions of exercise per week, minimum of 20 minutes per session.  

Each week we will post a new weekly health challenge; we will start small and build on to it each week, while still incorporating the rules from the weeks before.

Each week we will post three workouts with our Revive Fitness professional, Ainsley McSorley, which people will be able to modify to their own fitness level. We will incorporate all forms of fitness, such as cardio, weight training, yoga, pilates etc.  All which can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Each week we will post a fun “pup related” post such as an activity you can do with your pet etc.

Motivation and Support:
Our online forum will be a place where people can network, motivate, encourage and inspire one another. We want people to connect and really help one another reach their goals.

To encourage discussions and get people connected, we will post discussion topics, request participation, encourage participants etc.

To keep everyone motivated and on track, throughout each week we will post healthy recipes, links to helpful websites (such as food trackers, health sites etc.), meal plan ideas, fun fitness ideas and health information etc.

About Parvovirus:
Canine Parvovirus (Parvo) is a virus that affects the intestinal tract of susceptible dogs, often young puppies, and is fatal without (and sometimes with) very lengthy, intensive, and expensive treatment. Parvo costs us a minimum of $1000 per dog (without complications) to treat.

For more information, visit or ask your vet.

About Our Sponsor:

Revive Fitness is a Winnipeg-based heath & fitness centre with two locations: the BRAND NEW Holiday Inn Airport Polo Park, 1740 Ellice Ave and 107 Burning Glass Rd. in Sage Creek. They offer a huge variety of fitness classes and training in their state of the art facilities with top notch trainers to help you achieve your goals. Visit their website at for more information!

Our sponsoring trainer, Ainsley McSorley: “Ainsley believes that each individuals training needs are different and ensures that every client she works with gets that individual care. Ainsley aspires to motivate and inspire all of her clients to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle while achieving their fitness goals.”  Ainsley is the owner of Revive Fitness, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Oxygen cover model, and holds a BSc in Human Nutrition. We are so very excited to have her guidance for this challenge!

Take the challenge and reach your goals TODAY! 
To register, please email Challenge starts November 12! 

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