Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Foxy's Extra Happy Tail

By: MMDR and Elyse M (with a special note from Foxy's buddy Alec)

The gorgeous Foxy
Today, Manitoba Mutts' whole family is celebrating an extra special adoption. We have all been rooting for Foxy to find her furever home; this girl is one of those we had all grown to adore. Foxy has touched many lives during her stay in foster care with MMDR, and she has done some very amazing things. We had originally planned to post this as a Foster Friday blog, but when Foxy was adopted yesterday, there was no way we could wait until Monday to tell her Happy Tail!

By: Elyse M

I recently moved to Manitoba from Ontario with my little dog Riley in tow. It was her first time living without another dog, and it was immediately apparent to me, as she lost her appetite and spark, that she needed a buddy.  I couldn’t commit to another full-time dog, but I thought I’d give fostering a try.

I got an email from Manitoba Mutts on the day before my Fostering 101 session, asking me if I’d be able to pick up a dog after the meeting. She’d just been spayed, and she needed a place to recover. Thrilled, I said yes.

I picked up Foxy on a Thursday night. She was the sweetest little thing, still dopey from her medication, but not too dopey to give me a little tail wag and a lick on the hand. When we got home, I rounded up my dog and my roommate, and the four of us went on a walk to get acquainted (just a short one – Foxy was still out of it!).

Having never fostered before (or even adopted a dog) I was worried I’d end up with a hyper dog with a lot of behavioural issues. I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Foxy is so laid back and friendly, she’s smart, and her manners are fantastic. She is even ringing a bell at the front door to let me know when she needs to go out.

Foxy is honestly the sweetest girl I have ever met.  When she first got here, she was sore and uncertain. She cowered at loud noises, and barked or growled at new, hyper dogs. Now, she stands her ground, and meets new dogs cautiously, but calmly. She’s still not sure how to play with toys, but today, for the first time, we had a game of tug-of-war. It made me a little emotional to see this sweet dog, who after more than a year of life, is finally learning to have fun.

Foxy’s got so many great qualities. She loves to follow me from room to room, and as soon as I look at her, she rolls onto her back for tummy rubs. She spends a lot of her time taking naps behind the couch. I always know where she is though, because her snores give her away.

When I get home, Foxy is always thrilled to see me. She makes little grunts and groans, and wags her bum so hard she’ll sometimes fall over from the force of her happiness! She has made friends with half of the neighbourhood, and our morning walks are punctuated with stops for pets and treats.  No one can believe that I’m fostering her – her manners are “too good!”

She’s also a brave protector: one night as we were walking, a jackrabbit ran right at us, only swerving at the last minute.  Foxy looked up from the leaf she was smelling, looked over her shoulder at the rabbit, and then looked to me as if to say, “Huh. That was weird.” She then went back to sniffing the ground. I’ve never felt so safe!

I can’t wait for Foxy to find her forever home. It will be sad to see her go, but I know that whoever adopts her is going to have the sweetest, most loving companion they could ever hope for. She’s still a little shy, but I know that whatever love you give her, she will return a thousandfold.

Foxy waited a surprisingly long time for her
furever home!
When Elyse first wrote Foxy's blog post, she included a very special letter for us, from Foxy's great friend Alec, who is a young student in Elyse's classroom. Foxy and Alec spent some very fun time together, so Alec wanted to help Foxy find her furever home. 

By: Alec

Foxy is a nice dog fostered by Ms. Malcolm. Foxy was the greatest dog in history. She knows how to behave.

She had a pregnant early. And now, she got spayed. Foxy knows how to sit, lie down, and play with a toy. She plays really well. Foxy listened to Ms. Malcolm and she knows about the right thing.

By September, I’m here to look after Ms. Malcom’s dogs. Foxy listened carefully. We walked around the neighbourhood and she’s good on the walks. She never barks at all and they didn’t wanted to go near any other dogs. Foxy had a rest now while I can tell her the stories about different things.

Later, I played with her. Foxy is really good. Ms. Malcolm told her, “Go see him!” Foxy played with a squeaky toy here. The best thing that she didn’t bite me at all. I loved her because she licked me really good. Later,  she had a rest while I can do my storytelling for practice.

After storytelling, I give Foxy hugs and she gave me a kisses like a good dog.

You should take Foxy home and have a new family. She’s not homesick because she’s having a great start. I love her and good luck Foxy!

Foxy the Hero, Vanquisher of Coyotes, takes a nap.

Then, on Sunday, we were all stunned to hear this incredible story from Foxy's foster mom. (We all also expected an instant foster fail... but Elyse stayed strong and waited for Foxy's perfect new family to come along).

Breaking news: basically Foxy is a hero.

I was out walking the dogs and took a detour along a path that cuts through a field. Riley, my 10 lb dog, was off-leash and frolicking through the grass, and Foxy was acting really weird. Fur all bunched out, tail straight up, ears up. Riley jumped into the really long grass just off the path, and Foxy goes insane. She dragged me halfway into the bushes, barking her head off. Riley comes flying out of the grass, and there's a ton of crashing. Five seconds later, from about 30 feet from where I'm hauling a snarling Foxy back out of the bushes, there's about 3-5 coyote-sounding howls. Which is about the time I booked it back home.

So basically Foxy saved her foster sister from a gang of coyotes. Insane!!! (Also, I have learned that strolling through a field at night is not the best plan.)

Foxy, all of us at MMDR wish you and your new family the best, happiest life ever. Be happy, special girl! You are incredible! 

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What a heart-warming tale for Halloween! Hope to see Foxy's new family in the MMDR Alumni group. Welcome and Happy adoption to you!

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