Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Revive Fitness: Our Pounds for Parvo Sponsor


Bruno (available for adoption) knows how
important fitness is... so let's go for a walk!
It's that time of year again; days are getting shorter, and waistlines begin to grow. Beat the holiday weight gain by signing on for our Pounds for Parvo Fitness Challenge today!

This challenge isn't just for those needing to lose a few; it's great for anyone wanting to get into better shape with amazing support and resources while also helping fundraise much needed dollars for our sick Mutts! We will be working with the lovely Ainsley McSorley, owner of and trainer at Revive Fitness in Winnipeg, to help participants achieve their goals. 

Ainsley has created Revive Fitness to be a different sort of fitness centre; small class sizes (limited to 8 people per class) and highly qualified trainers make for a much more personalized and quality experience. For example, Ainsley is not only a Certified Personal Training Specialist, but also holds a degree in Human Nutrition. She has personal experience in achieving lofty fitness goals, being a competitor in numerous fitness competitions and even becoming an Oxygen Fitness Model recently! Ainsley works towards an individualized training experience for each person, including fitness and nutritional goals into every plan. 

Your $100+ sponsorship fee for our PFP Fitness
Challenge will help us treat very ill dogs like
Wish. Sadly, Wish passed away due to her Parvo
illness in August, 2012. RIP Wish!
Our PFP Fitness Challenge is suitable for just about everyone, and is designed to be accomplished from home, with plenty of online support from other participants as well as our sponsoring trainer. There will be a variety of workouts suitable for all levels of fitness, as well as many tips, tricks and fun facts. We will be posting regular ideas on how to stay fit with your pets, too! Unfortunately, a lot of us allow their waistlines to expand a little too much as well, which can be very detrimental to their health. 

What have you got to lose, besides a few pounds or a daily date with the elevator at work? Sign up for our Pounds for Parvo Fitness Challenge today: get fit and help us get some Manitoba Mutts healthy! 

For more information about Revive Fitness and Ainsley McSorley, please visit Revive Winnipeg's website.

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