Thursday, 25 October 2012

Parvo Puppies Update

By: MMDR and Kim M

As you know, MMDR has had a number of puppies with Parvo lately. This treatment is lengthy and very, very expensive. For example, Pumpkin and Boo, two of our surviving Parvo puppies have been treated at a cost of around $3,000 each to date, with more bills coming in towards their continuing care. Without donations, we can’t afford to continue helping these little angels.

We also wouldn’t be able to treat these pups without the amazing support of our veterinary team and caring foster homes! Here is a letter from Pumpkin and Boo’s incredibly loving foster mom, with great news about how these beautiful little girls are doing!


Boo (left) and Pumpkin (right) feeling much better!
Just wanted to give you the update on the girls. They were both put back on antibiotics as of Sunday and as of this morning they seem to have responded well! The ones Boo was on were apparently only good for a week and then lose potency so even though the Rx said to give til finished, apparently they would have lost effectiveness. That would have been coupled with the fact she has grown so the dosage would not have been enough. They’re now on the higher dose which appears to have made a difference in both. They were both scraped for mange but found nothing (yay!). I had treated both for lice on the weekend because they had been scratching a lot again and the vet gave them both Revolution. They are still scratching, but not as much. I put them back on the GI high energy food because the little buggers were not eating the regular stuff without the GI added- picky little devils were holding out for the good stuff! They’re devouring about three cans a day! Once they’re feeling better I’ll transition them back to their regular food, but just want to be sure they’re eating well while they’re still not 100%. They are scheduled to receive their second shot tomorrow evening. Is that OK with all the other stuff still going on with them?

If there is anything else you feel I should be doing with these little ones, please let me know.

Little miss Boo was very pleased with herself this morning. She’s been trying for a week or so to jump up on the futon in their room and this morning she finally got it! Pumpkin is trying so hard, but so far just can’t seem to get the timing! I’m sure she’ll work on it again tonight.


Please, consider donating towards the continued care of Pumpkin, Boo, and our other sick dogs. They appreciate every day they are healthy!

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