Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Love-a-Bull Mutts Series: Lennox (part 2)

Breed Specific Legislation or "BSL" is prevalent worldwide, resulting in stereotypes and unnecessary euthanasia of some beautiful, healthy dogs. Our Love-a-Bull Mutts Series will focus on shedding light on the truth about "Bully Breeds" such as American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers.

By: Alicia

So, there I was, van loaded with my Mom sitting in the front seat (un-aware that I’ve just loaded up a dog into the back.) Before leaving I made sure to have the owner’s permission to call her Mom so I could make to make arrangements to get Diamond spayed. Even though I was saving the lives of two dogs that day, I felt a pang in my heart for leaving her behind.
Beautiful boy, Lennox.

I thanked the former owner, and she thanked me – we decided to try and keep in touch through Facebook so that she can get updates on how Lennox is doing. Before leaving she mentioned that Tennessee says to say hello and said thank you for taking Tank’s son under my wing. I had no idea that Tank was Lennox's father! Possibly the best thing to happen before we left was when the dogs 
 ere still outside. Another woman and her two dogs happened to be walking by along the road, and at first my heart leapt into my throat- this is the dog who “attacked and killed” other dogs after all. The story behind that was that since Lennox was left outside alone a lot, he became the target of local packs of stray dogs. In all likelihood Lennox was simply trying to defend himself and his home, but once his owners saw him in that light, it was hard for them to shake that image. Much to my surprise and elation, all that Lennox and Wicca did was run towards the other dogs, tails wagging. This gave me hope that when he did attack the other dogs, he was simply doing it in self-defence 

After a few final checks, our adventure began! Before I could take my two new friends home, I had to stop and get Lennox fitted for a muzzle. Lennox surprised me a lot; he sat still and didn’t make a fuss, which was surprising considering all the sores and infections all over his head.  In total, we were stuck in my van for about 7 hours, and he didn’t make a peep - well, other than a few snores from Lennox after another meal! 
Lennox at the pet store, being fitted for a muzzle.

Before taking Lennox home, I had to stop at the vet to get him checked out. I relayed his story to my vet. The entire time I was sitting there hoping that she wouldn’t say that Lennox had to be put to sleep; I was hoping that she would see the kind gentle soul that I saw. She said she felt due to the circumstances, Lennox deserved another chance at life - so that is what he is going to get - another chance!

In honour of a pit bull euthanized in the past, I decided to rename him; Lennox - strong, powerful and gentle. With his new name, and a new lease on life, my boy started his journey to becoming a well loved and cared for family member.

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