Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Love a Brown-Eyed Dog


Did you know that brown-eyed dogs are often overlooked at adoption time?  When it comes time to choose a furry friend, many families are taken in by baby blues in a sea of melted chocolate peepers.  When a lifetime of love is at stake, eye colour should be the least of a furever family’s concerns!

Dogs with blue eyes are seen as beautiful and unique because the majority of dogs have brown toned irises.  Absolutely any breed of dog can be born with blue eyes as they are a recessive trait… meaning that any two parents, regardless of breed or eye colour, can produce a blue-eyed pup.  However, blue eyes are quite common in some breeds, such as Dalmatians, Huskies, and any breeds with dapple or merle patterned coats (Dachshunds, Catahoulas, or Great Danes). 
Foxy, a beautiful brown eyed girl available for adoption.

When it comes to temperament, blue eyes don’t mean a thing.  Personality should be the number one concern of a family when they look for a dog to adopt.  Of course, with the thousands of dogs in care in Manitoba alone, families should be able to choose a dog with the temperament they want, that also fits within certain physical parameters (size, coat type, energy level, etc.).  However, choosing a dog for these characteristics alone can mean a match made in hell. 

When choosing a dog, the most important factors to consider are ones that allow the dog to fit into your lifestyle.  While breed can be a good starting point, it certainly doesn’t determine the dog’s needs or temperament as well as an individual assessment.  Foster families are a great resource – make sure that you ask plenty of questions about the dog to make sure that she will fit into your life!  Some examples of considerations you should make:
Hazelnut, available for adoption with soulful amber eyes.
  1.   Energy level: if you enjoy a lot of couch time, make sure that you aren’t choosing a very young, active dog.  A senior may be a fantastic match for you!
  2. Grooming: this is one thing most potential adopters don’t consider enough!  A dog’s grooming needs can take up anywhere from a few minutes to several hours a week.  Make sure that you are willing and able to keep up with them.
  3.   Sociability: is the dog going to get along with all of your family members?  Some dogs to great with other dogs, cats, kids, men, etc.  Some prefer not to associate with certain types of people or animals.  Make sure that your choice fits your family. 
  4. Health: Does the dog have healthy teeth, or will he need regular dental cleanings?  Does he have a weight problem or allergies that you’ll need to treat with a special kind of food?  Does the dog need medication, and if so, are you able to administer it and afford it?  Make sure that you are able to provide a healthy life for the dog you choose.

At the end of the day, brown eyes or blue won’t matter.  You’ll be able to come home to a waggy tail and stare into the adoring gaze of the perfect addition to your family.  Do your research, ask your questions, and then love a brown-eyed beauty today.  If it’s true doggy love based on a genuinely great match that molten-chocolate gaze will melt you every time! 

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