Monday, 22 October 2012

Most Wanted - Rennie's Potential


One of the hardest things about animal rescue is trying to find the perfect match for each and every dog.  There are so many dogs in need of homes, and luckily many adopters. The challenge comes when a dog needs a particular type of family to join. Sometimes it takes a little longer, and a little more digging to find that perfect match.

Rennie is smart, gentle and loves people more than anything.  She came into care from a shelter environment that made her very nervous and stressed out.  Other dogs can be frightening to her and while she has a tendency to bark and lunge at them, she does want to be friends.  Rennie needs a family that will teach her to work through her fear issues. She does have a high prey drive and would prefer to find a home without cats.  Her foster parents love her and can see that she is a great dog with a lot of potential.  

Rennie is a smart, loving girl who would be a proud member of the right family! 

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