Monday, 9 April 2012

Love at First Sight - Times Two! Chief & Jagger

By Shannon Branquinho

Our family had two amazing dogs that we loved very much. One was a 17 year old Shih Tzu, the other a 14 year old Jack Russell. On January 9th, 2012, a very depressing day in our lives, our beloved Shih Tzu passed away. I was absolutely devastated; she was my baby since she was only six weeks old. Our entire family was completely heart broken, especially my daughter as they were very close.

I was looking through the Manitoba Mutts website when I saw Chief’s (Tornado’s) picture – I felt my heart being tugged towards him and had to meet him. I am glad I did because it was love at first sight. Chief is a very different dog than my late Shih Tzu, but they both had the same white patch on the back of their necks. I felt it was a sign. My dog was telling me to adopt Chief and to shower him with the same love that we blessed her with for those 17 years. Chief fits into our lives perfectly and we are all head over heals in love with him – even my 13 year old Jack Russell is trying to get used to this puppy trying to play with her. There was one downside to adopting Chief; we felt horrible separating him and his brother, Cyclone, they were so close.

The next day, my daughter’s best friend and her family came over to meet Chief and, of course, they fell in love. We mention his brother, Cyclone, to them and they immediately arranged a meeting with him. They also experienced love at first sight and adopted him, renaming him Jagger. The family brought Jagger straight to our house and the boys were ecstatic to be re-united. Our families live only a few streets away from each other and our daughters are so exciting about raising their puppies together! There will be many shared walks, trips to the park and tons of play dates! I am forever grateful to Manitoba Mutts for bringing these sweet boys into our lives – we are ALL so happy!

Coming soon – how Chief and Jagger mother, Storm came into Manitoba Mutt’s care.  
The girls with their new puppies :)

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Jenn-nay said...

I love this story!! My youngest fosters get to grow up together!! Thank you for sharing ;o)

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