Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Garage Sale in Honour of our Gentle Giant - Griffin

Help Support a Mutt in Need 


Griff came in from Brokenhead, MB in mid-March, 2012 and has had quite the ride so far.  Him and his best friend, Juno were living at a gas station in the area.  No one was taking care of them, so they took care of each other.  If you meet Griffin, you will quickly realize this big black dog is the most gentle boy you’ll meet. 

Griffin’s first night in Winnipeg was an adventure.  During foster pickup, he managed to slip out of his collar and leash, frightened to get into his foster’s car.  In a panic, he ran.  We searched for him until 2am that night, along with about 20 volunteers and Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert who came to help.  No luck.  Poor Griff didn’t realize he was running away from the best thing that had ever happened to him.  We prayed he found a warm place to sleep that night.

The following morning, a few sightings came in and we were back out searching for him – with no such luck.  Just before heading into work, one last tip came in, a big black dog was at a school not too far from where he ran away.  In one last desperate plea, we hurried over.  And sure enough, there’s our gentle giant, curled up at the front of the school.  The staff had wrapped him in a blanket, and brought him food and water.  Clearly, he was exhausted from his night. 

Back in care, safe and sound, Griff spent his first week with one of our board members, Deanne.  He visited her office – where of course everyone awed over his gentle nature and laid back personality.  As great a dog Griff was, would not save him from the disappointing news at the vet.  Griffin tested positive for heartworm.  For anyone unfamiliar with this condition – it is worms living in the heart and feeding off the animal’s nutrients.  Heartworm is easily transferred through infected mosquitos, prevalent in Manitoba.  This must be cared for slowly to prevent further issues to the dog’s health.  It was a sad day for MMDR, getting the news about our boy.  It reminds you why annual heartworm testing and prevention is so important for the health and safety of your dog. 

Despite Griffin’s condition, he was in such good spirits.  We started his treatment immediately.  Griffin is in good hands recovering right now, and is looking for a loving forever home to see him through the rest of his treatment. 

As you can imagine, heartworm is extremely difficult to treat and very costly too – running at approximately $1600.00.  We are fundraising to help pay for his treatment.  In honour of Griffin, there will be a garage sale this Saturday, April 28th at 41 Arden Ave in St. Vital.  Please come by to show your support – snag some great garage sale finds, or even just pop by for a burger and drink!  Griffin will be stopping in for a special appearance too!  Visit our Facebook Events page for all the details, or contact We also have a Pennies for Pooches change drive, as well as many other ways to help Griffin and our other dogs in need.

Hope to see you out this Saturday!

Griffin wants to see you on Saturday!!

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