Monday, 23 April 2012

Grandma's New Baby - Louie!

By Cheryl Franklin 

Thank you for bringing Louie into our lives. We adopted Jean Paul (who we now call Louie) on April 14th, 2012.  My mom (Grandma) said that she knew immediately when she walked into Pet Valu that he was the one.  He was sitting there just looking at her! Once he was in Grandma's arms there was no question, she was bringing him home that day. My nephew Chad came into the store after he parked the car and when he saw Louie and Grandma together he knew there was an instant connection and that Louie would be perfect for the family. Morgan, Chad’s year old lab mix came inside to meet Louie and they became fast friends – it was meant to be! 

Louie has adjusted very well to his new family.  He likes his crate, we have it in the kitchen with us and we leave the door open during the day so he can go in and have a nap when he gets tired.  Potty training is coming along very well, he will either go to the front or back door and sit, or will come and sit in front of us to let us know that it is time to go outside.  Louie is such a quick learner and we are very proud of him. Morgan and Louie quickly became best friends. The other night Morgan was in the living room sleeping on his bed and Louie was in the kitchen with us, sleeping on the floor.  Louie was having a bad dream and whimpered a few times.  Morgan jumped off is bed and came into the kitchen.  We watched as he nudged Louie with his nose, Louie kept sleeping so then Morgan took his paw and nudged Louie's tummy so that he woke up. When Louie woke up and Morgan saw he was fine, he lied down on the floor beside him. 

We have emailed Cheryl Johnson, Louie's foster mom.  We sent her some pictures and told her that we would keep in touch so she can see what a handsome boy Louie is growing up to be. She emailed us back with pictures of Dior, Louie’s mom - is she ever beautiful. Cheryl did a wonderful job fostering and we can tell that she gave them a lot of love and attention.  It must have been so hard for her when they went to their forever homes.

Again thank you for the wonderful work you do at Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue.  Because of all your time and dedication we have Louie, and we could not be happier!   

Louie's Forever Family, 
Fran, Cheryl, Chad, Jeremy and Morgan

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