Sunday, 29 April 2012

Zepp - What's not to Love?

Zepp - he's so handsome 


I just wanted to take a minute and talk about one of our special boys that we have in care, Zepp. Zepp is a four year old Labrador Retriever Newfie cross and has been in MMDR’s care for almost a year. Coming into rescue, Zepp needed a little bit of guidance and help learning his manners. You see, Zepp is a big, goofy boy that sometimes does not understand his own strength. He is good with calmer dogs as he does not like to be bossed around. Zepp also gets along with cats and even farm animals such as cows!

Since coming into rescue Zepp has come a long way. Zepp’s foster mom is so proud of his progress. When Zepp first came into his foster home he ran everywhere and did not care who was in his way. He also licked and jumped on everything and everyone. However, over the last few months no one has received an suspecting “Zepp Lick”, he now waits until play time begins. Rather than jumping on everyone, he now is only allowed to jump on his foster mom to say good morning or get his “night night” hugs.  He is comfortable in his environment and walks nicely on a leash. Cuddles are one of Zepp’s favourite things! He loves to cuddle, show his love and please his person. Tricks include sit, stay, shake a paw (if he feels like listening) and fetch, he may even bring the ball back to you if you’re lucky.

Just recently Zepp and his foster sister were in the garage for their dinner. About five minutes later Zepp was scratching on the door to come in. Zepp went running right past his foster mom straight to his “naughty mat”. In the garage was a destroyed teddy bear and Zepp’s food dish, untouched. He was so disappointed in himself that he refused dinner and gave himself a time out. He is such a goofy boy.

Zepp has created quite to attention around himself. He has his very own Facebook page with people who adore him and want to help him find the perfect forever home He will be attending an upcoming Adoption Fair on May 13th at Sprockett's Doggie Day Camp. Please join Zepp’s page and share his information with your friends and family. He is an amazing dog and deserves the best home. The family that takes a chance on this fun loving monkey will not be disappointed. 
Cuddle Monster, Zepp!

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