Monday, 2 January 2012

Why I foster: Jax

Recently we put a general ask out to all fosters to share their “success” or “challenging” foster stories with us.  We want to share these stories for others to read the joys of being a foster parent and also for other fosters to relate.  Why not start this off with the story of one of my favourite fosters.  

It was March of last year.  My second foster pup, Raven was recently adopted, so I decided it was a good opportunity to take a short break from fostering and be with my dogs.  Not a week into that “break”, I get an email from Lisa desperately needing foster homes for some pups coming.  I’ve never been one to say no … if I can help out, then I do.  

Shortly after that email, I’m picking up four month old Austin (who we called Jax), a Shepherd X Husky, from Becky’s house.  He’s a timid boy.  Him and his siblings had never been inside and this was his first time meeting people.  Becky tells me he’s “the most feral out of the bunch”.  To be completely honest, I wasn’t even sure what feral meant, I had to look it up!  (In case you didn’t know - it’s essentially referring to a “wild” dog.)  When I got home it took me a good ten minutes to get him inside, only for him to run and cower in the bathroom.  I put him in a kennel to relax and get comfortable in his own space.  He spends the next three days in there, only to come out to grab food and water when no one is around.  

Jax the day I brought him home.
The forth day was a success - Jax approached me and I was able to pet him.  This dog had no clue what love was; no idea what it meant to be a dog.  The next big thing was introducing him to my dogs.  He wasn’t initially a fan of them, but they basically told him (in dog words) “if you’re gonna live in this house, we’re gonna be friends.”  Next, Jax learned what toys were.  He was so excited, clearly this was the best invention to date; I couldn’t stop smiling!  He was becoming what a dog is supposed to be.  

In front of my very own eyes, I saw a dog go from scared, defeated and unsure where to go … to (wo)man’s best friend, playful, snuggly and lapping up every bit of love possible.  I pretty much haven’t taken a “break” since then.  Fostering is part of my life.  Even in the few days between one getting adopted and another coming home, my home feels empty without my foster(s).  

Jax at about 6 months ... gorgeous boy.
We would love to read your foster “success” or “challenge” story … please email yours to  We thank you in advance for sharing.  Interested in fostering?  Click here to learn more.  


You,Me,&theMoots said...

LOVE these stories :) Will share!

tris said...

Awww, he's beautiful, Dee! You made me tear up.

Amy said...

Thank you sooo much for sharing this. Thanks for your great work! All the best to you!

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