Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy Birthday ... to us!

In celebrating our first year open and all the successes that came with it, our staff had some fun stories to share about their favourite moments. Thanks to our Directors for all their hard work and for creating an impeccable team. 

Lisa, Foster Coordinator
Hazel, the beagle, was one of the first dogs in care and was my first MMDR foster. She taught me a lot.  This poor girl came from a rough home where she was abused and neglected, but nothing held Hazel back and that was inspiring.  She loved life and knew how to have a good time. She was always up for anything - a run with the other dogs, fetch, a cuddle on the couch.  When she was adopted I was so happy for the little beagle. Sadly, a month went by and the adopter decided to give Hazel back to us, so I took Hazel back into my home. She was sad and her big brown eyes weren't full of excitement as they were before. She didn't even want to play fetch. I saw a dog who was giving up. Seeing this with my own eyes made me realize how much every single dog truly needs a family to love and be patient with them. Luckily, Hazel bounced back and finally found a family who loves her so much. She lives in Churchill Manitoba and even has a beagle sister named Lily. They spend most of their time being spoiled by their family. I recently received an email from Hazel's family and it was so nice to hear that Hazel was finally in a real home. Hazel inspires me to do more in dog rescue and to help more dogs like her.

Trista, Graphics Lead
I have many fond memories with Manitoba Mutts even though I've only been around for a few months, but the one that sticks out is a story about Blaire. We picked her up for a photo shoot one Saturday. She had been with us almost a year, and with WHS for longer... I couldn't believe how lovable and sweet she was upon meeting her! How could such an awesome dog be overlooked for so long? We took her to the dog park after as a little treat and she was honestly better behaved than our own dogs! Greeting everyone politely, playing nicely with every size of dog, listening and coming running back every time we called her. After we brought her back she was on my mind constantly... The best part of the story was at our adoption fair a little while later we all got the amazing news that her foster family couldn't let her go and was adopting her! She had been helping care for their special needs son. A dog that so many people deemed unadoptable was now this important to a special needs boy and his family that they couldn't let her go. Wow. I think all of us shed a tear that day. 

Deanne, Marketing & Communications Lead
I have many favourite dogs, but there are four little puppies who changed my world.  I had dealt with many behavioral problems in the past, but I didn’t know very much about medical problems.  That all changed when I took in 6-week olds Dusty, Tig, Kit and Telly, aka “the mange babies”.  Initially their condition had only affected their scalps, but as they were so young, they couldn’t be on the right type of meds to fix it. I saw them get sicker day by day.  I found out later the Directors did not thing the pups were going to make it – it was that bad.  This being the case, you would think they had no clue how sick they were.  These puppies were so happy, playful and loving.  They really showed me not to judge a book by its cover.  Good things come from a difficult situation – it’s worth every effort.  

Jocelyn, Spay & Neuter Coordinator 
My fondest memory with the Mutts crew is most definitely the trip I made with Lisa and Deanne to rescue some pups from a northern community. I had never been before and it was truly an amazing experience. I would take that over sitting behind a desk any day of the week! From spilled dog food in a parking lot to placenta covered seats and Deanne, it was an awesome experience. I'm glad I got to be a part of rescuing those dogs and starting them onto a new life filled with love!

Thanks to everyone who has made this past year possible for us.  If you missed our montage of our adoptable dogs from 2011, watch the video here.  

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