Monday, 12 November 2012

Happy Tails: Shilo/Flicka

By: MMDR and Mandy L.

Shilo (Flicka) as a puppy in foster care
Remember our little husky puppy Flicka? She was in the care of MMDR with Parvovirus, and thanks to the wonderful treatment of our vets and the amazing care of her foster home, Flicka (now Shilo) is happy in her furever home! Here is an update from her new family:

Shilo has joined a family of 3 children, ages 15, 12, and 2. She has a cat sister (Zoey- aka “baby cat”) and cat brother (Nibbler) whom she likes to chase and scare the b’jeebers out of….eeep! (We are working on that).

Shilo in her furever home, happy
and healthy!
She is a big suck and insists on making too much racket at night in her kennel for anyone to sleep so she gets her way and sleeps at the bottom of our bed at night. She has become my third leg and follows me wherever I go. She is doing well with potty training, with the exception of a few accidents. She has learned to sit on command, and we are working on “leave it” when chasing the cats and waiting for treats.

Without your generous donations, and the help of our many volunteers and supporters, MMDR would never be able to treat dogs like Shilo. Please, consider making a donation towards our dogs today. Bright eyes and wagging tails are the best signs of gratitude we can think of!

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