Sunday, 11 November 2012

Black Dog Week


Pickle, 4 month old Border Collie X Lab
male in 
need of a foster home. 

Next week, leading up to Black Friday, we are featuring our beautiful black Mutts! 

As many people are becoming aware, black dogs are often passed over for lighter coloured dogs when it comes time to adopt or even to foster. Rescues and shelters are left with healthy, well behaved, and gorgeous dogs that are inexplicably passed over just because their coats are black! There are even dogs passed over for months with no offers to foster (like Pickle and Dooley), and we can't find any reason for it other than their colour!
Dooley, 3 year old Rottie X male in
need of a foster home. 

Keep an eye on our blog next week for some very special posts featuring our black Manitoba Mutts, past and present. We will be showing you how lovely these dogs are both inside and out, in their foster homes and for some of the lucky ones, in their furever homes too! 

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