Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Meet Kate!


Black dog syndrome makes us crazy! We look at beautiful, fun, amazingly smart dogs and see them as very adoptable. Whether black dog syndrome is caused by superstition or simply because black dogs don't photograph quite as well, it's quite silly. So if you're looking for a new companion or family member, apply to meet some of our black beauties today. They are amazing dogs!

Wouldn't you love to meet our gorgeous girl Kate today, and start a fun filled life together?

On Monday, you met Goldie, our stunning black German Shepherd. Well, today we are happy to introduce you to her 6-month-old daughter Kate! This lovely girl was assessed with our Meet Your Match program and is a "Busy Bee"! This means that she is an active girl that is curious, friendly and trusting. Kate would do best in a home that likes to take lots of long walks, and maybe even take her on bike rides or learn some doggy sports. She is just a fun-loving gal who will make her furever family very happy! 

To learn more about Black Dog Syndrome and the problems shelters and rescues face in adopting out black dogs, read this article! 

Black pups face doggie discrimination


Lisa Lisa said...

She is adorable! I love her ears!

Penny B. said...

My last dog was a black dog and she was the sweetest most loving dog. And one of the added bonuses of a black dog - if you are like me and wear mostly dark colors, their fur doesn't show up on your clothes like a light colored dog!

Ahniko Handford said...

We adopted our black dog Blossom - now Zsuzsi - from MMDR in August. We love her beyond belief; she is loving, smart, sensitive, joyous, and funny. She is teaching us so much. We have black cats, too. Go Black!

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