Monday, 19 November 2012

Meet Goldie!


Goldie may have a black
coat, but she has a heart
of gold!
Meet Goldie, one of our beautiful adoptables featured for this weeks focus on black dogs. Goldie is a one-year-old black, long haired German Shepherd who has lots of love to share. She is a typical German Shepherd- smart, aware of everything around her, quiet, well mannered and above all loyal and confident. Her striking good looks are easily captured in her professional photos- she is a stunning example of her breed. She came in to care with her daughter Kate (named for the famous mother and daughter duo, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson) a few months ago. 

Her foster mom Alisha has been taking Goldie for some special training at Oakwood Stables. Each and every Friday she participates in an agility class that challenges her physically but more importantly mentally. Many times active dogs can receive the exercise they need through mental stimulation such as a puzzle or game.

Goldie's ideal home is one without cats or small animals. 
Is it with you?
The stable is the perfect environment for new foster dogs to be introduced to new people and animals, build confidence and to learn to pay attention around distractions. Goldie loves her agility classes- she soars over the A-Frame with ease and races through the tunnel without a second glance.

Goldie would like a home that
challenges her with lots of
exercise and entertainment!
Goldie’s ideal home would be somewhere that she will get a calm but firm leadership approach. German Shepherds are a highly intelligent breed- once they bond to their family they are very people oriented and aim to please. She enjoys long walks with her foster mom, and when no one is around she finds ways to amuse herself by dropping her toys on the floor and chasing them around. She is a curious dog who loves learning new tricks and exploring new places.

Don’t overlook Goldie just because of the colour of her fur! She would make a wonderful addition to any family. If you are looking for a loyal and caring companion who will be your best friend for the rest of her life, look no further than Goldie. Apply to meet her today!

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