Friday, 2 November 2012

Pet Friendly Housing

When you don’t own your own home, finding pet-friendly housing can be very tough! For many people, moving without their furry family members is unthinkable, but how do you find the elusive apartment with dogs allowed? We found some great tips for your housing search!
Pet Resume
Chloe is looking for her furever home in
pet-friendly housing!
One of the most effective tools in finding a home that will allow your dog can be making a resume for Fido! This document should highlight the training that your dog has received, that she always goes outdoors to do her business, and that she is quiet and respectful of neighbours. Include a photo of your pet, a description of her temperament, and copies of veterinary records that show you keep a healthy animal. References from previous landlords, neighbours, and from your vet go a long way to proving that your dog is rent-worthy!
Contact Smaller Companies
While many large rental companies have no pet (or at least no dog) policies, smaller companies may be more flexible on a situational basis. Make sure that you are respectful, aware of the problems they may face renting to irresponsible pet owners, and willing to prove that you are different. Stress the pride you take in caring for your dog, and explain that the same trait carries over into your pride in taking care of your home.
Think Outside the Box
No luck with apartment rentals? Look into shared housing within a rental house! Some homeowners may be willing to rent to dog owners, and you may be able to share the space with another responsible pet owner. Even try putting out a detailed wanted ad, including your pet resume and photos of your current lodgings (clean and tidy!)
Sweeten the Pot
Mayhem will help you find a pet friendly
apartment or house where he can live happily
furever after with your family!
Being a pet owner, you can understand how a dog might damage a home. Be willing to pay extra for a damage deposit! Stating that you are willing to do so up front may help you find a place to stay.
Honesty is the Best Policy
It’s easy to lose faith and feel desperate while looking for housing. Do NOT lie to a landlord and try to hide your dog. It can result in legal action being taken against you, or even eviction for you and your dog, leaving you with fewer options than the last time you searched.
In Writing!
Once you succeed in finding housing for you and your furry friend, make sure that you have it in writing that your pet is welcome. Neglecting this key step can lead to eviction as quickly as trying to hide your buddy.

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hotelsierra said...

I'll be renting out my condo in the Westwood area (near Grace hospital) in the New Year and pets are be allowed! I had a golden retriever living with me at one point so there's lots of room! There's a fenced deck area as well. Perfect rental for a dog owner! I'm building a new house so the availability date is still up in the air but I'd say Feb or March. More info to come at a later date but I'd love to rent to someone in need of a pet friendly home!

Krista Lévesque said...

Not available right now but I rent out a room in my house to pet owners and it helps to know the dog is trained.
I rented out once to someone who said there dog was trained, it wasnt even house trained that was NOT cool!
so I agree let them know how amazing your pets are

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