Thursday, 22 November 2012

Meet Billy!

By: MMDR and Breanna C

Billy is ready for a walk any time!
Our Black Dog of the Day today is our sweet little guy, Billy! Billy is an 8 month old sable (light tan with black) Shepherd cross, and he is a "Busy Bee", which means he's a fun loving, very spunky guy! Billy is very clever and is already mostly crate and house trained, but he will require a family who wants to stay active with him and keep him entertained so that he can be a well behaved boy. Billy won't be a huge dog, and we imagine he will be around 50-60 pounds fully grown. 

Here is what his foster mom has to say about him:

Billy is a very active and playful dog. He loves to be around people, especially when they give him belly rubs. He is very cuddly and loves giving kisses. It still surprises us how smart his is and how quickly he picks up new training/tricks. He is also very talkative, and if he wants something he will be sure to let you know.  He is a huge sweet heart and just wants to be loved/love someone.

Billy will be happy to give you a
good cuddle at the end of the day!
While he has come a long way since we first got him, he could still benefit from some further manners. He has a tendency to come on strong and sometimes misplaces his manners when around new people or animals. This tendency has been a slight challenge when it comes to introducing him to older dogs and new people. However, once he calms down, everyone loves him!

We always have people telling us how cute he is when we take him on walks, which is nothing short of the truth cause he really is a beautiful dog.

Consider applying for Billy today and we promise that he will keep you active and well loved for all of his days!

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