Monday, 5 November 2012

Tig's Happy Tail

By: MMDR and the Leger Family

"Saving just one dog won't change the world, but surely it will change the world for that one dog." - Unknown

Baby Tig, beautiful and loving in spite
of his mange, was chosen by a family
who adores him! 
At Manitoba Mutts, we take on many dogs with various illnesses. Many people ask why we would spend the money to treat unhealthy animals when there are so many healthy ones to save. We strongly believe that there is a family for every dog. Saving "just one dog" changes the world for not only that dog, but also for their new family! Anyone with a beloved furry family member can attest that it is impossible to put a price tag on the unconditional love and incredible devotion they provide. 

Tig came into care with a bad case of Demodex mange. While this type of mange isn't contagious, or even life threatening, it is extraordinarily uncomfortable and eventually causes a dog to look quite diseased. They lose their hair, and develop painful red lesions all over their skin. Mange is itchy, raw, and not something we'd wish on anyone. It's also quite costly to treat, at approximately $800 per affected dog, per outbreak (it can occasionally come back more than once). 

However, all of this treatment becomes more than worthwhile when we finally match up the now-healthy dogs with their perfect furever families! Here is a lovely update from Tig's new family:

We adopted Tig last December. I had been following Manitoba Mutts for a while and fell in love with a picture posted of him, his sweet face just melted my heart. He was just at the tail end of his mange treatments when we adopted him, he finished his treatments and tested mange free within the first month with us.

He's such a wonderful dog! Full of energy, can literally run for hours and loves picking on his fur-brother Cheeko! Our 7 month old daughter loves him, she smiles and giggles with just the sight of him! He loves her just as much and if we let him I think he would literally lick her to death!

Unfortunately about 6 months ago Tig's mange did return. After a lengthy 8/10 week treatment he is once again mange free! Even with the mange he is such a sweet lovable boy, we made the best decision with this boy.

Tig's Furever Family
The Leger's

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