Saturday, 17 November 2012

Presenting our Black Mutts!


Did you know that rescues have trouble finding homes for black (and mostly black) dogs? Our black beauties are every bit as loveable and deserving of a great home as our other dogs! Check out a few of our stunning black dogs in foster care!

Chloe is an active 1.5 year old female German Shepherd cross. She would love a home where she could be challenged with some new tasks (learning tricks or a sport) but also be able to relax at your feet when it's time to watch a movie. Chloe is only about 45 lbs! Are you her person?

This is Goldie, and we know her coat is black, but her heart is pure gold! This beautiful 70 pound long haired German Shepherd female loves to run and play, and learns new things very quickly. She does very well with other dogs and people, but is a little too interested in cats. Wouldn't you love to bring her home today?

Kate is 4 months old, fully housebroken, and loves affection! Her favourite activity is receiving belly rubs! Come show her how great you are at giving them, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to adopt her.

Scorpio is about 5 months old, and is crate trained and paper trained! He loves the company of other dogs and really enjoys a good play. This sweet boy is looking for an active, fun family to call his own. Can he join yours?

Babe loves car rides, snuggling under the blankets and running around outside. He is pretty good on a leash, and is fully house trained. Babe does not do well left alone, and would be the perfect companion for a long haul truck driver or for someone who works from home. He's a very smart boy and has already learned some tricks as well as his basic commands!

Cash is a smaller boy, and is thought to be a Cattle Dog X Boston Terrier. He is so stunning with his baby face and brindled leg markings! He loves people, enjoys being carried and cuddled, and is a very sweet, gentle soul. He's just the most darling little guy! Wouldn't you love to cuddle this boy forever? 

Isn't Sprockett just the cutest? He will be a medium sized dog (around 50-70 lbs) and has a sassy, bossy personality. He loves to play with other dogs and learn new tricks! Sprockett would love a family where he can play and grow.

Thelma is one of our Parvo survivors, and we think she's the sweetest thing! She is a very well behaved little girl who is paper trained and mostly housebroken. She hasn't needed to be crated in her foster home because she never seems to get into trouble! Thelma is expected to grow to about 40-60 lbs. Can she grow up in your home knowing a loving family?

We have many other dogs of all shapes, sizes, colours and personality types! Whatever your choice for your new furry family member, please remember to "Adopt, don't Shop!" 

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