Monday, 26 November 2012

A Day in the Life of a Rescue Mutt!

By: Dribble (Haru)

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of one of our adopted Mutts is like? MMDR Alumnus, Dribble (Haru when he was in our care as a little baby) wrote this just for you (with some help from his mom... those keyboards just aren't made for doggy paws)! 

A day in the Life of Dribble
So my day starts with a gradual wake-up call at 6:45am from my hair-less brother.  Usually he is trying to reach over top of me to hit the snooze button; and that is when I get my chance to give him a good face washing and wake him up.  Then it is time for my morning constitutional and yard check just to make sure there are no new scents in my yard plus, someone needs to make sure the squirrels know this is my turf!

Dribble (Haru) and his siblings (Julia's babies)
Once we come back inside I have to go wake up my hair-less sister – even though she has pretty blond hair like me she is not a morning person.  I usually just nudge her under the covers and quickly bolt back out of her room; once she is up for the day she is much cuddlier.  At this point I have accomplished lots in my opinion and it is time for me to relax on the couch until someone needs their toast crusts eaten.

Dad is usually in a rush in the morning but he always has time to rub my ears and tell me I am a good boy.  Mom lets me supervise loading the dishwasher, in case someone has left peanut butter on a utensil – cause all dogs know that it has to be “pre-washed” you can’t expect a dishwasher to do everything!

Mom is the first to leave in the morning; and she gives me the same instructions every day.  Look after the house and Papa, and be a good boy.  “Piece of cake” I say – and yet she never gives me one?  That’s OK Papa spoils me and we are good company for each other.

After Dad and my brother have left for the day I usually get some cuddle time on the couch with my sister before she has to leave for school.  I love this time; we sit there and watch cartoons and she rubs my ears and I almost fall asleep again.  Unfortunately she has to leave for school and then I lie on my mat at the front window and wait for my buddy Papa.

Papa and I have a very special relationship, he understands all my non-verbal cues and I just love being around him.  When Papa arrives he makes himself coffee to have on the back deck, and I get to lie in the sun next to his chair or play a game of fetch with him.  In the summer we look after the garden; and the rest of the year he helps me keep the squirrels in line!

Dribble (Haru) now, in his furever home!
When Papa and I are not outside enjoying the fresh air, we putter around the house or just watch television and enjoy each other’s company.   I think I do a very good job of looking after the house and Papa everyday so I think I am earning my keep; and maybe one day I will get that “piece of cake”.

I knew from my first day with my new family that I was a perfect addition.  I love them all from the tip of my wet and sometimes muddy nose to the end of my coffee table clearing tail; and they love me back.  My family loves me enough to just let me be a dog and play in mud puddles, or play tag with my friends, or sniff every clump of grass, rock or tree root when out for a walk.  If I got one wish it would be that every dog could have a life like mine – because we all deserve it.

If it were not for the very special people at Manitoba Mutts I would not be living this fabulous life today,  it is because of their dedication to giving us all a chance that everyone who meets me cannot help but return my big goofy smile; and see that I love my life. 

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