Sunday, 15 April 2012

Why I Foster - And will Always Foster

By Nikki Jung
Fostering, all I can say is what an experience! I am not sure how to put into words how it feels to have these puppies and dogs come and go in your life. The best word that I can come up with is amazing. When you have a rescue dog in your home you go through a cycle. You teach them that not all people are bad. When your foster puppy dumps their dish and prefer eating their food off the floor – you need patience, love and the will to learn and accept their strange attributes. You have the dog that plows through your home taking down everything on their path and the dog that won’t leave you alone for a minute because the attention is so exciting for them. The new mom with her sweet babies that you cuddle and love so much, you pray that they go to great homes. The love you feel towards these sweethearts is truly unbelievable. You know you need to let them go, and watching the love their new family feels towards them already is so touching.

My children are learning to love our fosters and be gentle with them. These dogs may have came from a past with abuse and neglect, I know that my children are able to understand this. We have loved all our fosters, their individual tendencies and personalities. Victory, a mom with her nine babies taught us about about loss. Two of her babies did not survive and it was really tough on us. She did not want to be in her xpen so we had to try creative ways to get her to stay in there with her puppies. Bonsai was our first foster. He was full of love and craved attention... and had no interest in being house trained. This took some patience. Prancer was full of energy and was constantly on the go. We learned to understand her energy and eventually how to calm her down.

 We have learned immensely from this experience and would not trade it for the world. We will always be fostering with Manitoba Mutts. My youngest son developed such a bond with one of Victory's puppies, Doan, they were inseparable. So we did the only logical thing: Adopted him. Welcome to your forever family, little Doan.

It's Love - Welcome Home Doan

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