Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Tail "Holly"

By Deanne Peterson

I get to share with you all a lovely adoption story ... and nicely enough, it's of one of my own fosters!  Today I got to meet Barb, who was looking to add a furry friend to her family.  Barb was initially coming interested in Dolly, but also met Holly since I am fostering them both.  I told Barb about both dogs - their history, likes/dislikes and personalities.  Barb loved both of them, I mean, how couldn't you?  They are both incredible dogs.

At the end of the visit, it was really Holly that picked Barb.  As soon as Barb came in the house, Holly was right by her side, and pretty well never left it.

Barb, it's with tears of joy that I congratulate you and your family on your new addition.  I wish you all the best for you and your dogs!  Holly is truly one special dog.  I have never met a tougher girl with a zest for life.

To my dear Holly, I picked you up off a deck on a cold winter day and took you to my home.  Right from the start we had issues ... from emergency vet visits late at night (one of which was 2am Christmas Eve) to tearing apart the deck (twice) to pull you out from underneath.  Not once did I give up on you.  You are a fighter.  On Christmas Eve when we realized you had kidney worms, I held you tight and made a promise to give you the best possible life.  Two days later you were waiting like a trooper at the vet for your surgery.

Even though you weren't a good candidate for the surgery, we went forward, fingers and paws crossed.  Everyone was rooting for you, including all the vet staff you won over with your quirky personality.  Five long days later, you were back home in our family, recovering like a champ, of course.

You were a different dog after your surgery - full of energy, life, happiness.  Even though your road to recovery was not over, you had survived, and were living life to the fullest.

I have two very fond memories of you which I will always cherish.  First is your "chair" at the vet.  Every time we walked into the office (and it was often) you hopped right up onto one of the visitors chair.  You figured, well if I'm here, I might as well be comfy!  Second is your love for toys.  I'll never forget Christmas Day pulling out new toys for all the dogs, and one by one, the toys "disappearing", only to find you stashing them all in the bedroom!

I will always remember you as the foster who wouldn't give up on life.  You taught me a lot.  I wish you many, many years of fun, play, and of course ... toys.

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