Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Holly's Story

Meet Holly, a seven month old Border Collie X from Washagamis Bay Reserve near Kenora.  Holly was pulled along with eight other adults and puppies on December 11th.  Two of these pups have already found their furever homes and five others are tucked into warm, loving foster homes.  This is Holly’s story.  

Holly came to us as a frightened and neglected pup. She was afraid of people, but took well to other dogs. Initially she was terrified being in a new place; twice she hid for hours under the deck away from everything. A week into care, she was learning.  She would let you pet her, and every so often you'd be so lucky to see a tail wag. She was growing into a wonderful, loving pet.

There is something else about Holly. She came into care very sick. Holly had a UTI and has also been fighting an infection in her mouth, swollen lymph nodes and a cough in the two short weeks with us. After an emergency trip to the vet late Christmas Eve / early Christmas Day, we found out Holly also has kidney worms.

You now may recall Glory. She was one of nine dogs pulled that day along with Holly. Two days in care we found out she was suffering from kidney worms. She went for emergency surgery to remove the infected kidney, but sadly passed away as her body just wasn't strong enough to cope.

Friday is Holly's surgery. We are praying for her little body to pull through. The surgery is upwards of $2000 and we need your help. This girl has so much love to give and life to live. She deserves a fighting chance. Please visit our Donate Page to help, and please share Holly's story. You can email for more information.

What are kidney worms?
Dogs can become infected with the parasite from eating raw fish. The worms will take over the right kidney and may also float freely in the abdomen. It is an uncommon condition but is lethal if not treated. The parasite is NOT CONTAGIOUS between dogs, people or other animals. If you want to learn more, watch this video. WARNING it is extremely graphic and is not suitable for children.

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