Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Five great reasons to adopt an older pup

We have a lot of pups come through our doors.  With all the young, tiny puppies, our older pups are sometimes overlooked.  Older pups are just as great as young pups, and in fact come with a few perks!  Here are five reasons to consider our older pups when looking to adopt a new family member.  

1. Get a head start on house training. 
Older pups typically come practically house trained.  This means you can spend your time getting to know your new family addition, rather than cleaning up after it. 

2. Skip the teething stage. 

Don’t worry as much about your new couch or fancy shoes.  Older pups are usually past the teething stage and know what’s off limits. 

3. Get some sleep.

Young puppies often frequently need attention – feeding, housebreaking, etc.  Older puppies sleep through the night … and so will you! 

4. Older pups are just as cute and playful!

Older pups still go through the cute “puppy playful” stage.  This is an exciting time for puppy and family to bond and get to know one another. 

5. Make the right match for your lifestyle.

In our opinion, the best thing about older pups is you know who you’re getting.  It takes months for a puppy to develop their personality.  With young pups, it’s difficult to know whether it will be the right match.  Older pups have established some personality traits and so you can make the right choice for you and your family. 

Why not take a second look at Phil, Holly, Rawr, Dusty, Telly, Chubbs and Ella.  These pups are diamonds in the ruff. 

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