Monday, 1 October 2012

Minnie Series Part 6 - Simba (Dexter)

By: Stephanie S.         
Simba (now Dexter) sitting pretty.
     My fiancée and I were introduced to Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue through a friend who took us to an adoption fair last March. After coming home from the fair, we were in awe of the MMDR community – the volunteers, foster parents, and ‘furever’ families. We instantly knew this was the path for us. I wanted to adopt every dog in sight that day, but thankfully, my fiancée is much more rational than I am and reminded me that we must be patient and that “the right one will come”. A few months later, we learned of Minnie’s story and her new puppies. We immediately made arrangements to meet them.
Dexter and his furever mom.
    It only took us about 12 seconds to fall in love with Dexter (formerly Simba). Holding him for the first time is one of the greatest moments of my life to date. He was very gentle, sweet, and he melted our hearts. We were also impressed with Minnie's sweet and docile temperament; her incredible story touched our hearts. We knew that if Dexter had even half as much courage and tenacity as his mother, we would have one amazing dog. We left his foster parents’ house that day knowing we had just met our newest family member.
     After patiently waiting another 4 weeks, we were finally allowed to bring our puppy home at the age of 8 weeks. We spent the next 72 hours watching him sleep, eat, drink, sleep, eat, and sleep some more. He was so tiny that he could practically swim in his water bowl (he certainly tried it a few times). He quickly learned to love car rides, digging in the backyard, and walking in the neighborhood. He became an instant hit with our friends and family, and we received many offers for puppy-sitters! He also quickly learned how tasty socks are – especially white ones! He loves the lake and wading in the water, and is slowing catching on to the concept of retrieving sticks. He’s learned a few basic commands – ‘sit’, ‘down’, and ‘come’ – and we’re looking forward to puppy classes in the late Fall with him.

    We are very grateful to the foster parents who looked after Dexter before he came to our home. He was well socialized and almost house trained when we brought him home. We can’t believe how lucky we are to have such a great dog, and we attribute it to his foster families in his early life. We are also very thankful to the MMDR family, who find safe and loving homes for dogs in need. We love every moment we spend with our puppy. He is a blessing in our lives and we can't remember what life was like in our pre-Dexter days. He truly made our house a home.

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