Friday, 21 September 2012

Save the Best for Last – Azure

By: Kim M.

                  When my husband and I were asked to take two more fosters, our first encounter with 2 dogs, we were excited. We were getting 2 of the “car” puppies, Nova and Mercedes, but their siblings Cobalt and Azure were going to spend the day with us too until they were picked up. They were all great, playful, adorable little 6-week-old dogs.

Cobalt, Azure, Nova and Mercedes (L to R)
We had Mercedes and Nova for 3 weeks, but they were scooped up at an adoption fair rather quickly. It is always so hard to let them go, especially when they’re so adorable! But then we were given the opportunity to have Cobalt and Azure come back and join us, so I was rather excited. So, at 9 weeks old, Azure came back to us with her brother Cobalt. They played together, they loved all the attention they got, and they learned very quickly! Within no time at all they were house trained, knew their names, could sit, shake a paw, and walked lovely on a leash.

Much to our surprise, neither Cobalt nor Azure was adopted at the Canada Day celebrations on Osborne, while there was a lot of interest in all of the adorable Mutts. I was happy; I wanted a little more time with my awesome fosters. So we had longer to play with and train them, and then came the Morris Stampede. Cobalt was adopted by a wonderful family in Morris, and this left our sweet little “Azzy” as the last of her litter. Much to our surprise, she stayed with us for a few more weeks, though there were no complaints here! She continued to be a happy, playful loving dog, and we enjoyed every minute of having her here. She made friends with other dogs, and had a great time playing while waiting for her “forever” family to find her.

Azure and her friend Nyah
My husband and I left for a vacation, leaving Azure with another great foster, and we were hopeful she would find her forever family while we were gone. How could such a sweet little girl not have been scooped up? Well, when we returned from vacation, she hadn’t quite been adopted, and honestly, as selfish as it sounded, I was relieved. I know she was the last of her litter, and we really wanted her to find a great home, but I would hate for her to be adopted without being able to say goodbye, as she was with us for two months. Then, two days after returning from vacation (on my birthday as a matter of fact) two wonderful women came and met Azure, and fell in love with her right away. With Azzy, you could tell the feeling was mutual. So while it made my birthday a little sad, it was a great gift to see the “best for last” girl finally going to her “forever” home.

Going by the name of Clover, she now lives in Winnipeg Beach with a gigantic yard to play in, water nearby for her favourite pastime of swimming, and two amazing owners who are certain to spoil her rotten. It was amazing to get the chance to see her grow from a little 10-pound puppy into a beautiful 30-pound puppy by the time she left us. One thing we know for sure is that this girl always has been, and always will be loved.

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