Monday, 24 September 2012

Most Wanted: Teaching Zoey

Imagine living five whole years of your life outside in a cage. 

Five years!  That is thirty-six dog years to Zoey who lived a sheltered life each and every day until she was brought into the care of Manitoba Mutts.  She lived without knowing the warmth of a home full of people, toys, cozy beds, and love.  Now, as she starts her brand new life, first with her foster home and hopefully soon with her forever home, she gets to experience all sorts of amazing things that once seemed like they would never be a part of her days.

For instance, until recently, she has never been able to snuggle up with her family to watch a movie and doze off.  The ‘small’ moments that we share with our pets every day can sometimes be taken for granted.  Not to Zoey!  She is appreciative of every second she gets to spend with someone who loves her.  As a matter of fact, cuddling on the couch has quickly become one of her newest favourite hobbies (although we have yet to figure out what her favourite TV show is).

The smallest pleasures, from tasting a dog treat to getting to go on a leisurely stroll, are all new to Zoey.  Of course, having spent so many years without fancy things like toys and hugs, this new world can sometimes seem very intimidating.  Luckily, Zoey has a very brave soul and is taking each new event in stride.  Her foster family is very patient with her, just as she is with them.  It is a partnership that depends on mutual trust and determination. 

Teaching a dog how to be a dog isn’t an easy task (especially if you are not a dog yourself!) but it is a task that comes with constant rewards.  Zoey is a dog who appreciates even the smallest treasures in life and making her a part of your family will surely bring you joy in ways that are truly unique and special.

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