Monday, 17 September 2012

Most Wanted: Marley, Your Special Friend

There is always something special and unique about each and every dog that comes into our care here at Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue.  Sometimes we can tell a dog’s personality from the moment we meet them but for the most part, it takes a little while to truly get to know each dog and what they’re all about. 

Marley was a bit of a mix.  As soon as we laid eyes on her we could tell she had a gentle, caring soul.  We’re willing to bet anyone ten dog biscuits that if you take a look into her eyes you’ll notice a bit of a sparkle that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It’s that feeling that makes you want to cuddle up to her and tell her all of your secrets, worries and dreams.

It’s no wonder she makes you feel that way.  After getting to know Marley and having her in several different situations we realized she loves children!  Maybe it’s because she’s still a puppy at heart, and maybe it’s because she has a special maternal instinct in her that will grow with time, but one thing’s for sure: she is one happy girl when kids are around.

This is such a great trait to have in a dog.  For those who grew up with childhood pets, there’s no question that furry friends play an important part in every aspect of the lives of kids.  From helping them through the toughest times to brightening each morning with a kiss and a cuddle, there is absolutely no substitute for the special relationship between dog and child.

Marley is now looking for that special relationship and bond.  She wants to find someone, child or adult, to spend her days with.  She wants to greet you every morning with a wagging tail; go on long, soothing walks after a hard day at work; and be a part of your annual family portrait for years to come.  She loves to keep busy and would be the perfect pet for an active family that would integrate her into as many family activities as possible. 

Even if you just started to consider adopting a dog, Marley is a great girl to visit.  Just make sure that when you bend down to say hello, you take note of that special glisten of love that so plainly shines in her eyes.  Once you notice it, it will be pretty hard to walk away without her by your side. 

Learn more about Marley and other adoptable dogs on our adoption page.

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