Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Most Wanted Chloe, Our Shining Star


Chloe is the perfect girl to kick of Manitoba Mutt’s Still Wanted Campaign, where we plan to feature some of our most exceptional dogs who need a healthy dose of time in the spotlight.

Imagine being homeless, without a consistent source of food or shelter.  From what we can piece together about Chloe’s past, this is where her story begins.

Her Past:
After spending some time as a stray, Chloe eventually found her way to Winnipeg Animal Services.  Once she was safe and sound, her bright personality really began to shine.  It was quickly realized that as a true puppy at heart, she craved attention and direction from the people around her.  It was also discovered that her time on the streets had caused her to become slightly protective over her kibble...and who could blame her?  When there isn’t a lot of food to go around, hunger and fear can sometimes create habits that take some time to break.

Her Present:
Enter Manitoba Mutts.  Chloe was transferred over to us where we arranged a foster home and a routine that includes exercise, love and a program to help her learn to share her food.  Her amazing foster parents have been committed to working with a dog trainer on some training techniques and Chloe is learning so much every day. 

Her Future:
Now we ask you, the devoted dog community of Winnipeg: How can we find the perfect home for this loveable girl who is just looking for a second chance after she was dealt an unfortunate hand?

Hint: We need to find a family that is willing to continue Chloe’s training and routine to optimize her doggie-happiness for the rest of her life.  She gets a kick out of learning so her new family should be just as excited about teaching! 

She has a loyal nature, loves to be silly and knows how to put her heart-melting eyes to good use.  She’s also house trained, doesn’t chew and likes her kennel.  Like so many dogs, a good walk or jog will make her day but she’s never fully satisfied until she gets a good cuddle session in.  Now here’s the really mushy part - she would love to be your only dog and claim the spotlight of your heart all to herself.  Trust us, she is more than worth it!

If you’re looking for a free smile, check out this video of her.  We guarantee it will brighten your day.

Sitting Pretty!

Chloe Loves to Learn!

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