Sunday, 16 September 2012

Minnie Series Part 4 - Saila

By Christie O.

This Post Has Gone to the Dogs! An adoption story from the other side of the chew toy. 

Sometimes here at Manitoba Mutts we don’t just get blog posts from our human adopters, but every once and a while a four-legged friend takes over the keyboard. Without further adieu, I give you Salia to tell her story.

How can you not love these eyes?

Hi Saila here!
                I met my furever parents when I was six weeks old. I knew we were meant to be a family as soon as they came to my Foster Mom's door. My excitement overtook me and I bounded out from behind my foster Mom's legs and I clumsily (like only a wee puppy can) ran smack dab into my new Mommy's shin. I looked up and our eyes met for the first time. It was love at first sight! I am pretty sure there was a puddle at my new mom's feet, but she didn’t seem to mind. It was her heart, it melted, I swear I didn't pee on her! My new Mommy picked me up and I couldn't help but lick her face and neck, I even nuzzled in for a quick cuddle. After our introductions, we went across the road and played in the park for a little while. My new Mommy sat on the grass and I would venture off a little but always go back to her, just to make sure she was still there. After playing together, my new dad carried me back to my foster mom's house and I felt my whole body relax as I snuggled up against him. Our first visit was pretty special! They knew that very same night that I had chose them to be my furever family, it was a done deal.
                One week later my new parents came to visit me again at my foster Mom's house. They brought me a couple of toys and I showed them just how much confidence I gained in one whole week. I still walked a little sideways, but I held my head high and proud, my legs were much stronger and I was much more determined then before. I heard my new Mommy say, "oh boy, we've got a strong willed little puppy on our hands." She had no idea just how true of a statement that really was!

                On June 22nd my new parents picked me up and brought me to my new house. I was so little then, only 7 pounds! My new yard had many interesting areas to dig in and explore. By day two I felt like I was home and my confidence and strong willed nature started to shine through. No worries though, Mom and Dad are training now. They're learning all sorts of neat tricks! For example, I've trained them to give me a treat when I sit and lay down!

                My mom and dad tell me every day how lucky they are that I am living with them now. Life isn't the same, it's better than ever. We are a family and every so often I reward my new parents with that famous doggie smile of mine, and that's when I know, my parents are pawstruck in love with me.

Check it out, we figured out the timer setting on the camera! 

                I am extremely lucky because my Mom's good friend adopted my sister Sibley (formerly Flower) so we get to hang out together all the time. We get to have sleepovers on the weekend when her human family is out of town. Life is pretty good, and I have Manitoba Mutts Rescue to thank for taking in pups like my Mom, Minnie, and giving her a safe place to live so that she could give birth to all of us. Thank you for helping all of us find wonderful, loving people to adopt us and take care of us!

Being this adorable is a pretty hard job…. 

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