Sunday, 23 September 2012

Minnie Series Part 5 - Dumbo

       By: Victoria R.

         As with many of our adoptions stories here at MMDR, Dumbo’s road to his forever family started with a bit of a back story.  In August 2011 we lost our 5 year old dog Buster to complications of diabetes. He was the sweetest dog, and was definitely "mama's boy."

         In May I started getting the itch to adopt another dog for the family, but my partner wasn't ready. We came to a compromise that found us becoming a foster home for MMDR. On June 8 Goofy, Pongo, Tarzan, and Dumbo joined our household. They were four wiggly, sweet 6 week old puppies to brighten up our lives. Two of the boys were adopted right away and joined their families at 8 weeks, but we still had Tarzan and Dumbo to keep us busy.  Over the weeks, we talked about adopting Dumbo but I was the holdout because his personality reminded me so much of my Buster - I didn't want to ever think he was replacing another dog and I didn't want to expect him to "be Buster."

   There was an adoption fair happening on Canada Day and the boys (and the two additional fosters we had) were expected to attend. As I was dropping off all the pups I started crying at the thought of Dumbo going to another family. Why was I dropping off MY dog to be adopted? I decided to let fate decide, if it was meant to be, he'd still be there at the end of the day.

    When I returned that afternoon, I was told I was taking home 3 puppies (I'd brought 4). Terrified I asked who got adopted... 
To my utter relief, Tarzan had been chosen by a couple! I scooped Dumbo up and promised him he wouldn't have to go to another adoption fair. He snuggled into my neck as if to say "Thanks Mum"

      Since then, we have had a few more fosters, and have adopted a second puppy as well. Dumbo - now called Kahuna - still reminds me of Buster, but he has his own unique personality, and he is my new mama's boy, and our son's best friend.  I'm so glad he's part of our family!

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