Sunday, 9 September 2012

Minnie Series Part 3 - Princess Jasmine

By Jacquline L.

In keeping up with our recent posts about Minnie and her litter, here’s the story of Jasmine, one of MMDR’s many foster fails! Jasmine was brought into care, and her foster mom just couldn’t bear to let her go after the roles were reversed and the foster dog became the care giver for the foster parent. It’s always important to remember that sometimes we might rescue the dog without realizing we’re in need of some rescue ourselves.

Jasmine was named after the princess in the Disney movie Aladdin. She came to us at six weeks old along with her two sisters Alice and Rapunzel. Jasmine was the energetic one and the instigator out of the three as she would pounce on her sisters to engage them in play. She also loved cuddling up on our lap for her naps. The longer we had Jasmine in our care, the more we fell in love with her. We tried to get friends and family to adopt her as we really wanted to see her grow up, however no one was in the market for another dog. Jasmine was brought to the Morris Stampede for the Manitoba Mutts adoption fair. We were relieved to see her still around at the end of the day!

Seeing her play with our 8 year old dog Kyzer and our 6 year old dog Dameon made us fall in love with her even more so. She had made herself at home and seemed to be part of the family by then. While fostering Jasmine, my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child. As much as we wanted to keep her, we were unsure if we wanted to take on the responsibility of raising a puppy while taking care of a baby. Five weeks later, we were devastated as our third ultrasound of the pregnancy showed that the baby's heart had stopped.

Throughout that week filled with emergency hospital visits, surgery and the beginning of a physical and emotional recovery, Jasmine was by my side. She would lie next to me all day, only leaving my side to go do her business outside. She has been a blessing and an angel in disguise. We could not imagine our lives without Jasmine in it. As far as she ever knew, we were always her parents and she was oblivious to the fact that she was up for adoption. The home she had was the only home she knew. She has filled our lives with joy and laughter since the day we brought her home. Jasmine has engraved herself in our hearts. Jasmine; our girl; our princess.

Congratulations to Jasmine on finding her forever home and for helping her adopted Mom through such a tough time. It’s always great to see the positive impact that our mutts have on the lives of their human families!

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