Saturday, 22 September 2012

Most Wanted: Zip Zippy Trixie

One of the hardest things about animal rescue is trying to find the perfect match for each and every dog.  There are more than enough dogs in need of homes, and certainly plenty of willing families to take them in.  The challenge comes when a dog needs a particular type of family to join.  Sometimes it takes a little longer, and a little more digging to find that perfect match.

This is the case with Trixie.  At about a year and a half old, twelve pounds in size with a beautiful brindle coat, Trixie is a real catch.  Her foster family adores her and in turn, Trixie showers her humans with love, cuddles and kisses.  She sleeps right up against her foster mom at night and splits her time in the evening between lounging in the bedroom and lying on the couch.  One will never be lonely with this girl around.

The thing is, Trixie doesn’t just want to lounge around all day.  She also wants to be challenged, get to run, play focus games and live life to the fullest.  Often when people think of energetic dogs, they think of larger breeds or breed mixes like labs or huskies, but Trixie is so small, her need for daily walks and mental stimulation can come as a surprise to some.  Now, it shouldn’t be a secret that it is a little more difficult to find homes for dogs with a higher energy level.  We realize it can be daunting for families to add daily jogs or agility classes to their schedule. 

Daunting, but worth it.  Plus, once you get into a routine, it’s definitely not as difficult as it seems.

Her foster mom was asked how Trixie makes her smile.  She said, “When she first wakes up, her eyes are half closed and she looks so sweet and innocent.  And the first thing she’ll do is give kisses.”  Moments like this are priceless.  They cannot be bought.  Only earned by providing the necessary love and care to a dog who needs you.

Trixie needs to run and play.  She attends doggie daycare and has the time of her life, something that can always be continued once she is adopted.  Daycare is a wonderful way for dogs to burn some energy without their human having to do five laps around the block.  After a slow introduction to other dogs, playtime is so important to Trixie as, along with draining her energy, it helps to build her social skills.  She also likes to go on long walks and is thinking about taking up jogging. This is the biggest thing with Trixie – she needs exercise to feel her very best.  Give her that, and she will give you the world.

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