Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summer Safety Tips for your Pooch

Alex Monday is ready for summer! 

With summer finally here is it important to ensure your pooch is safe and healthy during these next few months. With the heat, time spent outdoors and those irritating insects make sure to take the proper precautions to ensure your dog’s safety.

  1. Heart worm is a serious disease in Canada, especially communities that have a vast mosquito population – such as Manitoba. Ensure that you speak to your veterinarian and take the proper steps to ensure your dog is tested and vaccinated against this disease. For more information on heart worm visit:

  2. Almost as bothersome as the mosquito, the wood tick can cause grievance to your dog as well. Ticks can carry bacteria which cause lime disease in dogs (and other animals). Prepare your dog for meetings with these blood suckers by applying a tick control medication prior to going into the long grass and forrest. These can be purchased from your veterinarian or from your favourite pet supplies store. Be sure to purchase the correct dosage for the size of your dog. If you find a tick attached to your dog’s skin, do not panic, it must be attached into the blood stream for about 18 hours before the lime disease can spread into your dog’s blood stream. For more information on lime disease visit:

  3. With hot weather hydration is extremely important to your dog’s health. Watch for signs for dehydration, dogs cannot sweat; they pant and drool when they are over heated (their eyes can also become blood shot and they can lose their balance). Ensure you have extra water for your dog when outdoors and after a long run at the park. Also, look for creative ways to cool down you dog – kiddie pool, sprinklers and spray bottles are good options. Also, there is no better way to cool down than a family swim with your dog! And please, NEVER leave your dog in a parked car.

  4. Understand any dog health hazards at your cabin or campground and determine if there are any addition threats that you should prepare your dog for. Ask the park officials or ask your veterinarian if there are any health concerns that they are aware of regarding the location of your cabin or campground.

Most of all ensure you are spending quality time with you pooch and the rest of the family this summer! There are lots of dog friendly picnic recipes and great place t o take your dog in the summer months. From all of us at Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue have a safe and happy summer! 

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