Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Kelly - Life at her New Ranch

By Angela

Kelly and her Brother, Simon, Sitting Pretty
Iris’ family knew she was the perfect addition to their family when they adopted her this past April from Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue. She was part of the flower litter, but now goes by the name Kelly. Since moving into her forever home at Crescent Moon Ranch she is doing great! Kelly now weighs 37 pounds and is four months old. She loves her morning country walk at six o’clock in the morning followed by chores such as rounding up and feeding the sheep and horses, filling water buckets and running through the fields to close the access gates… she completes this all before breakfast.

Kelly loves playing in her wading pool of cool water and then lounging on the porch with her brother, Simon. The two of them made it their job to assist us in keeping a watch on the property!

At the Ranch we are tackling some sort of project or job and Kelly loves to be involved in whatever the task is. Our new girl is extremely loved and has made an amazing addition to our family! 
Frisbee time for Kelly!

Kelly -  Almost the Same Size at the Horses!! 

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