Friday, 3 August 2012

Dior - My "Wild" Dog

By Cheryl J.

Dior Nice and Cozy
On February 13, 2012 a very pregnant an extremely stressed foster dog entered our lives.

She came from Berens River and lived under the Northern Store until it burned down. I was told she ran with a pack of wild dogs, this was her third pregnancy and sadly it was quite possible that sure none of her puppies ever survived. I was surprised at how good she looked for being a wild dog, gleaming white teeth, really clean ears – with the exception of two small spots of mange on her hind quarters her fur was gorgeous and exceptionally soft.
Jennie Davies and a few others from Berens River kept watch on Dior and countless other dogs, feeding and providing shelter, I credit them for her good condition. Jennie had seen Dior pregnant one too many times and since the store which had always provided her pack shelter had burned down she decided it was Dior’s turn to be rescued. 

Dior arrived pregnant and ready to give birth any day. Since I have never witnessed birth I was very excited! I did have quite the scare when Dior when she escaped from my house - I was so worried that I would not find her and that she and the babies would freeze to death and it would be entirely my fault. I drove around the neighborhood bawling the entire time.  I did find her, trotting along the ditch, head held high, tail in the air!   It took many treats to lure her to me and then I had to carry a very heavy dog to the car as she would not walk on the leash.  Layed down in the snow and would not budge! How could I be mad?  Had found my beautiful girl safe!

Four days later we had six beautiful puppies!  I felt her and I had bonded and decided no matter what hubby said we were keeping her. Really, would one more matter when we already have two? And I promised this one will not sleep in the bed! 

We had so much fun with the puppies – it was worth all the work as they provided so many laughs. It was really hard to see them go, I still shed a tear for one (Anna Sui now Sophie) but they all went to really great homes where they are loved.

Dior has been such a great dog!  Too many times I hear people say they would never adopt a rescue dog, too wild, too sick, can you trust them?  It's really too bad they stereotype because they are missing out on something wonderful.
Dior has manners, way better than my other two!  She never chases the cats, always politely waits for them to walk away from their food before she eats it, rarely barks and is a great foster mom to the puppies that come here to be fostered. All she wants is love and that's what she gives in return!  Even hubby has fallen in love with our "wild" dog.

On a side note, Jennie is an amazing woman who has rescued 100+ dogs and sent them to loving homes!    

Dior Babysitting Foster Puppies

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