Sunday, 26 August 2012

Minnie Series - Part 1 "Minnie Gets a Second Chance"

By Mallory F.

The day we met Minnie is a day that we will never forget. We watched that wagging tail walk out of the vet office with her belly hanging to the ground. Minnie approached us with all the love she had to offer. Our new foster girl came from a northern community where she had severe burns on her back.... and she was ready to give birth any given day. She settled into her room, and immediately soaked in the love and care we had for her. Five days of sitting on pins and needles we anxiously awaited the birth of the Disney litter. Early morning on April 28th, we heard the first squeak and the long day had begun. After seeing the x-ray of her belly, we knew to expect a handful of at least 7 beautiful babies - however, after a panicked trip to the vet, a box of Kleenex and 12 hours since the first squeak, we now needed to name all 11 happy, healthy puppies! Minnie proved to be more amazing then anyone had ever given her credit for, and gave her 11 puppies all she had to offer even though she was going through so many things herself. The next few weeks flew by, and before we knew it Minnie and her babies were ready to go to their forever homes. It seemed hard to believe - but as we watched those puppies leave the house one by one, we knew we would never forget Minnie. We learned a lot about love and patience from her, and she will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Disney Babies 
Minnie Looking Much Better
Minnie's Burn Marks 

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