Friday, 31 August 2012

The Final Chapter for Zepp - His Very Own Forever!

By Meaghen J.

Why I foster: I foster to help the animals that cannot help themselves. That's it, in a sentence.

Why I failed: Zepp came to us a year ago beginning of August. He jumped out of that little car, came over and gave a very pushy how do you do! He then ran…and ran…and ran… that boy had an intense amount of energy. He also was what you would call a bad dog. Zepp had no manners, he jumped on EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! He would not walk on a leash and he slobbered uncontrollably. He was our first foster with MMDR and I thought to myself a time or two I cannot do this he is too much work and wanted to give him back. It was my father that reminded me that I made a commitment to this dog and that really struck a cord in me - yes I did. I said that I would take care of this dog as long as he needed, so many people had let him down and I was not going to be another one. Unfortunately Zepp had a run in with my daughter who was two years old, which involved jumping and stairs and resulting in her then being terrified of him. We had failed him. He went to a different foster for a while again and when I heard it was not working there we talked it over and asked for him back. He returned to us a short while later and that is when we became puppy wardens. We corrected everything we were really tough with him and he needed it because it was not long before people could drive into the yard without him jumping on their vehicle, then not jumping on kids, then sitting, not running at full speed and into people, laying down, bringing stuff back that he had taken (mitten's etc) and finally walking on a leash. He was our perfect dog; he protected the kids and was with them always going from room to room to kiss them all goodnight and being there when they needed someone to snuggle with in the morning. I had known for a long time in my heart he would be ours to love forever but it became official when my husband went to do some work in the tractor and Zepp was outside waiting for the invitation to jump in and go with (which he never got) and then it came... "Come on pup lets go finish the mix", Zepp ran so fast and jumped into that tractor with such momentum I knew that Zepp had then won over EVERYONE!

One thing I do want to put out there is for potential fosters to sit down and seriously think about fostering. These pups do need someone to be there for them through thick and thin and not to give up on them. Who knows what may come of it!

*Zepp has always been a rescue favourite! The entirely rescue was hoping that Meaghen and her family would Foster Fail with Zepp and they did! Zepp is so unbelievable popular that he needed his own Facebook page:

Since the adoption of Zepp Meaghan continues to foster for MMDR - you all will always be part of the Mutts family! 

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