Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Keeping Your New Pooch Healthy


Just like humans, your dog needs regular medical care in order to stay healthy and happy. Here is a general check list of what is required when owning a dog:

• Yearly Check-Ups. All dogs should visit the vet at least once per year for a medical check. Dogs cannot tell us how they are feeling, so this regular vet visit will ensure there are not any major health concerns.

• Vaccines. Like all babies, dogs require vaccines in order to protect them from illness and help their immune systems develop.
- 6-8 Weeks: Distemper, measles, parainfluenza and deworming
- 10-12 Weeks: DHPP (distemper, parvo and parainfluenza)
- 12-24 Weeks: Rabies and Bordatella
- 14-16 Weeks: DHPP
- 12-16 Months: Rabies, DHPP
- Every 1 to 2 Years: DHPP, Bordatella
- Every 1 to 3 Years: Rabies

• Heartworm Prevention. Heartworm disease is a very serious life threatening disease that is transmitted through mosquitoes. It is life threatening and very difficult to treat, with treatment costing around $1500-$2000. It is however easy to prevent with regular heartworm prevention. For more information on heartworm please check out: 

• Spay and Neuter. Help control the animal population in your community by getting your dog spayed or neutered at six months of age. Getting your dog spayed/neutered is quick, easy and  affordable! For more information on Spay and neutering check out:

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