Monday, 2 July 2012

Our Missing Puzzle Piece, Wendell

By Jessica R.

If my family was missing a puzzle piece, Wendell would have  been the piece that was missing. I really wish our other dog Morgan could have met him before he passed away. Wendell has a great attitude and seems to have integrated into our pack with resounding speed. He has just the right amount of energy to keep up with us, but also enough relax in him that we can just chill out and enjoy him. He respects our 4 pound Yorkie to the point that I wonder if Gaffer is boss over him already, which would not surprise me! He loves boat rides, horseback rides and camping… we have done lots with him in these last two weeks and have put him through all his paces… and he is passing with flying colors.

One thing that really surprised us was the amount of training that has gone into him. We really want to commend Dawn for the work she has done with him. Once you get past the bouncing and excited energy that comes from our first meeting, you can see where he has really good boundaries… Sit, down, high fives, stay… we are working on him so he does not enter or leave doors without permission and he has to sit before each door and before the leash goes on and it was so easy to see that this has already been done with him.

We love him lots already in this short period of time. Fate truly stepped in, especially given that this dog has been waiting a year and half to come into our family.

Thank you again,
Jessica, Adam, Gaffer and Wendell.

Wendell's History:
Wendell was adopted from Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue's first litter.  However, he was returned a year later due to anxiety issues.  His family was not the right fit for him, and he needed someone to show him boundaries and work with his energy.  One of our amazing fosters, Dawn worked with him for a very long time to bring him up to a well mannered boy.

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