Sunday, 8 July 2012

Layla's Happy New Life

By Amanda B.

My partner and I have wanted a dog collectively and individually for quite some time.  We looked on various sites and heard of dogs through word of mouth.  I came across the Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue through an internet search. We looked and fell in love with the sweet face of what looked to be a golden lab mix.  We applied to meet her instantly.

We were both nervous and excited to meet her. Our nerves were quickly calmed as she was sweeter than expected. We even got to meet her mom, Sunshine (now Marley).  Both their temperaments were great. Her mom had a love for couches, (a trait Layla soon adopted) and was gentle but alert.  Layla was a tired pesky puppy that night and only wished to play in short spurts and kept belly flopping onto the floor to rest. We came prepared with a leash, and we decided to take her home that night.  I think all three of us smiled all the way home.

From the night-time cries that broke our heart to naps on the couch, we honestly could not be happier.  While Layla will be big girl, she thinks she is a lap dog and cannot get enough cuddles.  She has her own goofy personality that is keeping us on our toes (literally! She keeps stealing our socks).  We introduced her quickly to the car, our friends and the joys of the great outdoors.  Our lives in this short time have already improved.  It is great to have someone overjoyed to see you come home, feels refreshing to go out on long evening walks and we are meeting new people all the time as everyone just has to say hello to our gorgeous golden girl. Even though it has been less than two months since we adopted her I can say with all honesty that she is exactly what our ‘family’ was missing.

We just can’t wait for the rest of summer full of swimming, camping, trips to the dog park and walks around the community.  I would highly suggest, f you are serious about owning a dog, to consider a Manitoba Mutt Dog Rescue Dog.  Not only have we been connected with a great community of dog lovers, but everyone knows that mutts are the way to go!

-Amanda Bibeau, Henry Cortens & Layla

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