Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Clinging to Life at Six Weeks - Kix


Recovery Time for Kix
Kix’s life began in a way that no dog should have to suffer…. On July 13th, 2012 Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue (MMDR) was informed about a homeless six week old puppy that had been brutally attacked by a larger dog in a northern community. The puppy, Kix suffered severe injuries and deep tears in his skin and was very close to death. MMDR made the decision to fly Kix into care and rushed him to Southglen Animal Hospital. Upon arrival Kix was too hurt and traumatized to perform surgery but was kept comfortable and made it through the night. His surgery finally occurred at 9:00am on Monday, July 16th, 2012, as they had to wait until his protein levels increased before surgery could take place, in addition, his little puppy body is not strong enough to tolerate the anesthesia. The vets at Southglen Animal Hospital were very positive and hopeful for a full recovery. The veterinarian bills for Kix are extremely expensive – MMDR is doing our best to cover the expenses but were desperate need for donations.

With the generous donations from the amazing people of Manitoba and some organizations MMDR raised most of the money needed for Kix’s surgery. The surgery went very well, Kix was stapled up and off to his foster home to recover with his required antibiotics, however he was not in the clear just yet. He has had a few scares with ripping staples and oozing wounds resulting in being rushed to the vet but has been able to avoid infection. Kim, Kix’s foster mom, is keeping his wounds clean to avoid infection and nursing him back to health.  

Kix is currently making up for some lost time and eating like a horse. He has been recovering and enjoying some of the sunshine. He has a big heart and a lot of determination – we look forward to a full recovery.

We have had quite a bit of interest in adopting Kix, however he will not be up for adoption for some time as he needs to recover fully first. In the mean time, we have many other puppies and dogs that also deserve a great home and a second chance at life.  

If you would like to donate to Kix’s recovery please visit:  

Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue would like to send out a sincere Thank You to everyone that had donated and supported Kix in his time of needs. Also, thank you to all the media coverage that brought awareness to Kix and the MMDR organization. 

Severely Hurt Kix was a fighter

Comfortable before Surgery 

All Stapled up and ready for Recovery

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