Friday, 29 June 2012

Why I Foster? To Get my "Puppy Fix"

By Kim Melnyk

Azure - One of Kim's Current Fosters
My husband and I have always loved dogs, and since he has always had a dog growing up we both knew immediately that we wanted a dog of our own. However, with our additional commitments outside our jobs we knew that right now was not the time. We were thrilled when we learned about the opportunity to help out a volunteer organization and get our “puppy fix” through Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue. We would like to "foster fail" in good time, but there are times of the year we are too busy to properly care for a dog – which is why fostering works out so well for us! In less than three months we have successfully had four of our foster puppies adopted to wonderful families…we currently have two waiting for their forever families to adopt them.
Cobalt - One of Kim's Current Fosters

Fostering requires a great deal of patience and love; it has been a fun and rewarding experience for us. Yes, it's very hard to see a foster dog be adopted because you have come to see them as a part of your own family, and it's great to see them grow and learn and play, but to see how happy your foster makes their new family is also an amazing experience. Without fosters and all the volunteers, many of these dogs would not survive, that would be absolutely heartbreaking! We love being able to provide these dogs with a loving home until they are able to happily join their families in which they will be with forever. 

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