Sunday, 3 June 2012

My Dream Dog - Sheesh

By Rea 

Sheesh is LOVING her Forever Family
Today a friend of mine told me her and her husband had adopted a puppy from Manitoba Mutts.  She was aware my husband and I done nearly the same thing two weeks before when we adopted Winnie (now Sheesh) from MB Mutts -and adult dog rescued from Norway House who had just weaned her pups.  My heart skipped a beat….had she adopted one of Sheesh’s puppies?!  I emailed my friend but enjoyed no immediate reply.  So I went onto the MB Mutts website to find out.  And what I discovered made me want to whimper.  There were all of Sheesh’s pups on the site…still up for adoption.  Up until that moment I had thought several of them had found homes.  And they should…if they are even half as awesome as their mom.
Sometimes good character does pass down - and other than a classic husky stubborn streak which emerges rarely (but strongly), she really does seem to be one of the best dogs ever - we are not dog whisperers by any mean.

Let me tell you about Sheesh (formerly Winnie) - the new light of our life - the mother of Gimli, Ashern, Morris & Channing. Like many soon to be new dog owners I was a bit unsure how our new found friend would settle into our home and lifestyle.  We wanted a fun dog, but one that really knew how to relax too.  This is partly why we chose an adult dog - we really were hoping for fully housetrained pooch with established social skills.  But you still don’t know what to expect…you must be prepared for surprises.

And so we were.  We were prepared for howling or whining (bit of that) or barking, or accidents.  Perhaps we would need to hide all leather shoes…who knows?  But it turns out that Sheesh is the easiest going gal - loves her walks, but like our last husky X dogs, has a serious chill out mode.  One of her nicknames is Iron Bladder…I think that speaks for itself.  Not a single accident…and with her refusal to go in the yard, even the landscaping is intact….Kind of weird.  On Saturdays she enjoys sleeping in.
In 2 short weeks Sheesh has more than fit into home life, she has also fit into my work life, coming with me to my office in the Exchange District and taking noon hour walks along the river.  I discovered an office neighbor across the hall that fosters for Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue and we’ve visited the Artspace, taking an elevator ride.

Sheesh is smart.  She sits, lies down, and shakes paws and stays (…at least when she’s inside…).  She has made friends with the other tenants in my office building, rarely barks and she responds differently on the leash in the downtown (heals) than in parks… a very subtle nature!!
She also goes by the name El Bandito when she steals our things, such as socks and shoes.  Importantly, she does not destroy these items, she merely totes them around, like comfort blankets (once I noted a two t-shirt day with a smile on my face) - we often find our accessories on her bed.
Sheesh is my dream doggie.  Consider one of her pups…odds for…

* Since this story was written we are happy to say that ALL of Sheesh’s puppies are happy in their forever homes - many of them at our May 6th Adoption Fair.

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