Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Why Adopt a Mutt? Part 2


A week ago we discussed the benefits of adopting a mutt instead of shopping for a purebred or designer breed dog. Sadly, we do hear many reasons why individuals are against adopting rescue dogs and puppies. Whether it is personal preference or being uneducated on the matter, these are attitudes that are present in the world. Here is a list of the top five myths that we hear most of the time and the truth behind the objections.  

Myth 1. You don't know what type of personality you're getting when adopting a rescue dog. 

Truth: You foster the correct behaviors in a dog through proper training, and honestly you never know what you're getting with a purebred either...there will be some set personality traits and some complete opposite traits. In addition to that, if you're concerned you can adopt an adult, and know exactly what you are getting. 

Myth 2. Rescue dogs have tons of health problems.

Truth: Actually mixed breeds tend to have less health problems because they're not prone to genetic traits of certain breeds. There is also less inbreeding in mutts that purebreds. On top of that, ALL dogs purebred or not have a risk of having health problems, just like people. 

Myth 3. Rescue dogs are aggressive because many have been abused.

Truth: Dogs are the most forgiving creatures, not like people. The dogs that I have seen come from the worst cases are the first one's to learn to trust again and become great companions. They are so happy to be loved.

Myth 4. I grew up with a certain breed so I need to have this certain breed again.

Truth: You should never try to completely replace a beloved pet that has passed, you will just end up unhappy as it won't be exactly like your last pet. Find a dog that has a trait that warms your heart and perhaps reminds you of your last dog. 

Whether you chose to adopt a puppy or an adult dog, we have staff that will work with you to ensure you make the right decision and adopt that is the right fit for your family. Not sure what you are looking for in a new best friend? Why not try fostering? By fostering you will be exposed to many types of breeds and personalities - and who knows, you may meet the dog that was meant to be adopted by you (We refer to that as "Foster Failing"). 

Some Reason why Manitoba Mutts Alumni decided to Adopt a Mutt: 

1. I always thought I wanted a Border Collie, but was worried about the energy level. Adopting a mutt, I was able to get a balanced dog of a few breeds! Oh and also, when I first saw Mia, she stole my heart, and I just knew she was supposed to be mine. - Deanne P.

2. Our last dog was a Golden Retriever. She was our everything; but tragically she passed away this past September of Cancer. It tore us apart: but after a bit, we started thinking about getting another one in the near future. Friends of mine have always had rescue dogs, and they kind of put the bug in my ear. I started looking at rescues. I started praying about it, and realized that I needed to stop being selfish and reach out to those in crisis. We made our decision, and were blessed with a beautiful baby last month! We couldn't be happier. And besides....my human baby is adopted too! - Erin H.

3. Shadow was my 2011 Christmas gift that i bought for myself. I have wanted a dog for a long time but my ex-wife would not hear of it. Shadow is actually the first dog that i have ever adopted/owned. Shadow and all my foster dogs bring me much happiness and companionship. I am so glad i contacted MMDR on that quiet December night and asked to see the runt of Honey's litter. - Dan A. 

4. The northern dog myth is so based on ignorance. The only dogs that survive in the north are the ones that learn to ingratiate themselves with people. It is a self-selecting trait because dogs that are unfriendly die of neglect or get shot. Northern dogs are amazingly solid, resilient, strong, and sociable. Anyone who says differently is going to be licked to death by Edward and Basil or any of the 160 dogs I've rescued from the north. - Jennie D. 

5. We adopted because we were ready for another dog and will never support breeders, puppy mills, back yard breeding etc. ever again. we adopted so there was space for another dog to be rescued, and found our fluffy soul mate in the process. - Julia F.

Big and Cuddly Farley - 100% Mutt

Baby Camry - Lab and Husky - we think! 

100% Purebred Mutt Cuteness

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