Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Why Adopt a Mutt - Part 1

Gus - A Purebred Mutt! 


There are several reasons to adopt your next dog from a rescue verses purchasing from pet store and back yard breeders. Every dog whether young or old, mixed breeds or purebreds should all deserve a happy and healthy life. However, many mixed breed dogs are over looked, and purebreds or designer breeds are often chosen. To clarify, a mixed breed dog, often referred to as a “mutt” is a dog with two or more breeds in its genetic make up. A purebred is a cultivated variety of genetics that have been selectively chosen to create a certain type of dog (these dogs come with a pedigree which symbolizes that they are in fact only one breed of dog). A designer breed refers to two purebred breeds that have been selectively bred together to create a new breed of dog, hoping to derive the superior attributes of both breeds.

Although any dog can become ill, there are many health issues related to purebred and designer breed dogs. Since there are limited amounts of the same breed dogs to mate, inbreeding between purebreds occurs quite often. Allergies are a common side aliment of a purebred dog. Medications, special food, vet visits and treatments can be very costly – and nothing is worse than watching your dog suffer through it all. Other health concerns include increased chances of cancer, heart disease, bone disease, eye disease, epilepsy, neurological disease and poor immune system. Different types of purebreds suffer from different types of disorders depending on their breed.

By adopting a mutt from a rescue you will be doing your part to help shut down puppy mills and backyard breeders. Puppy mills focus on force breeding dogs in unhealthy and filthy conditions; resulting in the puppies being unhealthy and miserable. Backyard breeders are uneducated puppy producers that often inbreed and create unhealthy purebred puppies. Both contribute to dog over population.

By adopting a mutt, you are making a difference in that dog’s life. You will be providing him or her a loving home. In addition, you will be allowing another dog to take their spot in the rescue that you adopted from.

Mutts make great pets! By having a mix breed dog he or she will have many of the attributes of their entire genetic make up. As far as cuteness and physical attributes go, nothing is cuter than a mutt puppy or as rewarding as looking into the eyes of a mutt rescued from a less than ideal life.

Look for part two of Why Adopt a Mutt Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

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