Sunday, 13 May 2012

Giving the Opportunity to be a Dog - Decker

Carol & Jim Derksen

Decker Laying on his deck 
Manitoba Mutts rescued Decker from Washagamis Bay near Kenora, Ontario. He spent about five years, his entire life, tied to a deck (that is why he received the name Decker). We were initially concerned about the aggressive and territorial traits that he showed towards other dogs and we were cautious about where to place him. After a while Decker came out of his shell and proved to be a very nice boy. His transformation was inspiring – for a dog that was never allowed inside or given the opportunity to play, he was able to run and be a dog.

Since being adopted Decker has changed a lot, he has shed off his winter coat and looks like a new dog – he loves being brush and also does not mind being vacuumed. A few weeks ago Decker was put to the test: he was brought on a long walk with the two other dogs to Emerson and given the chance to run free. Of course, they came into contact with a rabbit and all three of them sprinted after it. Surprisingly, Decker was the first dog back and stayed with his people for the entire walk – he has developed into such a good boy.

Decker has settled into routine quite well. After work his owner has her tea while Decker and his dog brother get their treats. Once settled onto the couch, Decker comes and cuddles on her lap…he just love hugs!

The family swears that Trini, their late dog, sent Decker to fill the void she left in their hearts. 
Decker getting hugs from Mama

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